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About Me

Hello, my name is Sofia Ashdown. Before turning my hand to the property industry, I have worked as a professional editor and as a writer for newspapers and magazines, all while studying for my MA in Creative Writing and penning novels on the side.


With this unique blend of skills, I am perfectly placed to weave bland facts about any property into a compelling narrative to draw in the ideal buyer.


I work with a range of high-end boutique agencies across the country to create bespoke property and lifestyle descriptions for brochures, print media, and content tailored to the online marketplace.


I have had clients tell me that previous to my involvement, they were spending up to a full working day each week churning out descriptions, even though writing really isn’t their thing.


Imagine the time and therefore money-saving potential of freeing up all those extra hours for your team to do what all great estate agencies do best – connecting sellers to buyers, offering excellent customer service along the way.


When I'm not working on copywriting projects, I am usually running around after my little boy and exploring the gorgeous Devon countryside that I now call home.


As a self-confessed book fiend, I spent a lot of free time either perusing the greats works of literature or planning my next novel.

I can remember browsing the housing section in newspapers since I was little, having a good nose at the pictures and imagining what it would be like to live in them, so I suppose it's no wonder I ended up writing descriptions for the high-end properties I have always admired!


Fill in the contact form below or email me directly at to discuss your needs. I’d love to hear more about you and your agency. I work with clients either on a project basis or ongoing retainer.


Services are 100% customized based on your brand and approach.

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